Car Insurance For Deer Collision Accidents In Pennsylvania

When it comes to car insurance, comprehensive coverage is needed for protection in the event of a deer collision accident in the state of Pennsylvania. Humans aren’t the only locals who routinely navigate the highways and back-roads of PA. The state known for its robust population of deer, and for all of their majestic bearing, they couldn’t care less about traffic laws. Having proper car insurance coverage is a smart choice if you plan on sharing the roads with mother nature.

Car Insurance For Deer Collision In Pennsylvania – KVIS & Coe

Pennsylvania drivers were 2nd most likely to experience deer collisions in 2014. [2]

In 2015 and 2016, the odds of filing a claim because of a deer collision in Pennsylvania jumped by  5.8%. [1]

On average, one of every 67 Pennsylvania drivers will have an insurance claim for damage caused by a collision with a deer in 2016. [1]

Why Are Pennsylvanians High Risk For Deer Collision Accidents?

Drivers in Pennsylvania were more likely to experience deer collisions than motorists in any other U.S. state except West Virginia in 2014. [2] That same year, such accidents caused damages of just under $4,000 on average, which was an increase of 14 percent from the previous year.

In 2015, the state outdid itself yet again by having the highest number of accidents involving whitetail deer. [3] When it comes to living amongst wild animals, purchasing a car insurance policy that includes comprehensive coverage is definitely a must if you want to be fully protected. Those who lack the right car insurance coverage in PA are taking a big risk.

Pennsylvania Deer Collision Statistics

increase in damage costs in 2014
increase in deer collision claims 2014-15
(1 in 67) chance of hitting a deer in 2016

Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage Will Cover A Deer Collision

Your collision coverage probably won’t pay for your Pennsylvania deer collision accident. Collision insurance is designed to cover the costs of repairing your vehicle when you smack into a tree or hit another driver, but it usually excludes forms of damage like those caused by deer collisions or falling trees.

Your car insurance policy needs to incorporate comprehensive coverage. This form of protection is specifically designed to address incidents caused by forces of nature and other non-accidents, whether your vehicle gets damaged by stereo thieves, hungry bears or deer collisions. In states like Pennsylvania, no motorist should ever go without comprehensive car insurance coverage.

Car Insurance For Deer Collision In Pennsylvania – KVIS & Coe
Reduce the Risk of Deer Collision Accidents

In addition to protecting yourself with the right car insurance coverage, you can take steps to minimize your overall likelihood of getting into an accident. Most deer collisions occur around dawn or dusk, so if you’re out at these times, you need to reduce your speed and use your high beams as appropriate. Be particularly careful during fall and winter when these animals love to roam, and always heed warning signs that let you know that you’re in deer country.

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