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Quick Ways to Spot Phishing Messages Targeting Your Business

Gone are the days when phishing attempts were easy to identify and limited to only emails. While malicious messages are nothing new, they’re becoming more sophisticated and harder to pick out from legitimate business communications.  They are also coming at us through texts, social media chats and even phone calls. A few simple actions with one of these messages can

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5 Ways for Business Owners to Make the Most of Small Business Saturday

With the holiday season right around the corner, shoppers are prepping by making lists, formulating gameplans, and looking for the best deals in town. As a business owner, your preparation likely looks a little different, maybe something more like advertising plans, sale signs and holiday events. Ultimately, your focus is on filling a need – be it supplying a shopper

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9 Life Changes to Tell Your Insurance Agent About

Life’s changes come with new goals and dreams. Whether you’re getting married, expecting a baby, or getting ready to downsize… big changes in life often come with new financial priorities, too. That’s why it helps to have an insurance agent who can help you understand what these changes mean for your insurance needs. Wondering what to expect for your next adventure? Read

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