How Long Can You Stay on Your Parents’ Car Insurance?

There are the exciting parts to growing up: buying your first car, furnishing an apartment to your specific style and that moment when the waitstaff doesn’t card you. Then there’s the not-so-exciting part: the realization of how expensive the world is once your parents stop footing the bill. I’ll be on my parents’ phone plan as long as they’ll have me, but when it comes to other “adult” expenses, like insurance, you’re probably wondering how long you have before you get kicked off.

If your parents have KVIS & Coe Insurance for their home or auto needs, you might be happily surprised that you can keep that coverage, whether staying on their auto policy a little longer or simply sticking with the same independent KVIS & Coe agent, to help you with your insurance needs.

Can a 26-Year-Old be on Their Parents’ Car Insurance?

As your resident 25-year-old working in insurance, the good news (at least for us) is that unlike health insurance, there isn’t an age limit that prevents someone from staying on mom or dad’s insurance. However, when you permanently move out and change your address or you purchase your own vehicle, you’ll need your own insurance policy.

Do I Need My Own Insurance Policy When I Go to College?

If you’re bringing your car to campus, whether it’s a few hours or states away from home, you can remain on your parents’ auto policy so long as you aren’t permanently moving to your college town. However, if you plan on making your college town your new home, see the next question.

Can I Stay on My Parents’ Car Insurance if I Move Out?

Short answer: no. If you’re moving into an apartment or buying your own home, and have your own vehicle, you’ll need to have a new policy under your name. The plus side? You can bundle that auto policy with your home or renters insurance for extra savings.

What if I’m Living at Home?

There’s no shame in saving some dough and living with your parents, and an additional bonus is you can stay on their auto policy.

Is it Cheaper to Stay on Your Parents’ Insurance Policy?

There are a lot of factors that go into determining your auto insurance rates, like your car’s safety rating, your individual driving history and your age. Sometimes staying on your parents’ policy means you might have access to a few of their discounts, like a multi-car or multi-policy discount. However, that’s not to say you don’t have discounts to consider if you do get your own policy.

Do I Need My Own Insurance Policy When I Buy a New Car?

Depending on the state you live in, you may be required to have both the car’s registration and auto insurance under the same name. This way it’s easier for insurance companies to process a claim. If you’re still insured under your parents’ policy, the name of each driver should be listed on that policy. However, if you are planning on buying a new car – and purchasing it in your name only – you’ll have to get your own insurance policy, too.

Can I Drive My Parents’ Car, or Vice Versa, if I’m Not on Their Policy?

The answer to the question is yes, on occasion. If you are regularly driving your parents’ (or even a friend’s) vehicle, it’s important to let their insurance agent know so they can add your name to their policy. However, if you just borrow it on occasion, KVIS & Coe’s policies cover certain drivers when they are out on the road.

Do I Need Renters Insurance if I Live with My Parents?

The owner of the home – your parent – should have homeowners insurance to cover the cost of property damage from an accident. That coverage is based off what your agent and parents agreed was the right value of their home (or the future market value).

What to Do If You Need Your Own Car Insurance

Do your homework, get some quotes and talk to your KVIS & Coe Insurance agent to get the right auto coverage to fit your needs.





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