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15 Essential Things You Should Know About Your New House

Moving into a new house is an exciting time. But it can also come with a steep learning curve. From the moment you get the keys, you’ll start to discover what makes your home unique – including the many systems that make it function. As you familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of a new space, it helps to

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Helping Your Home Recover from Winter

Helping Your Home Recover from Winter There’s a sense of deep pride that comes with being a homeowner. But with that satisfaction comes its share of weekend home improvement projects and upkeep, too. Winter is usually rough on your home. Once snow, ice, wind and freezing temperatures calm down, spring is a good time to check how your home withstood

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5 Customized Emergency Kits to Weather Any Disaster

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 48% of Americans do not have emergency kit supplies. Building a basic emergency kit for evacuations or stay-at-home orders will help to keep your family safe. (Having the right homeowners insurance helps give you peace of mind, too.) You might already know the basic items that should be in every home emergency kit. But when it

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9 Life Changes to Tell Your Insurance Agent About

Life’s changes come with new goals and dreams. Whether you’re getting married, expecting a baby, or getting ready to downsize… big changes in life often come with new financial priorities, too. That’s why it helps to have an insurance agent who can help you understand what these changes mean for your insurance needs. Wondering what to expect for your next adventure? Read

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How to Prevent a Dryer Fire

Laundry is part of life’s weekly grind. But did you know that dryers cause roughly 15,500 home structure fires, 29 deaths, 400 injuries and $192 million in direct property loss each year? What’s more, most dryer fires happen in the winter. WHAT CAN CAUSE A DRYER FIRE? The most common cause of dryer fires is failure to do a thorough

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Shopping Safety Tips for the Holidays

Shopping Safety Tips for the Holidays The average American plans to spend $998 on gifts and other holiday items this holiday season, according to the National Retail Federation. While that’s not as high as pre-pandemic years, it will still be a busy time for both online and brick and mortar retailers. However, all that hustle and bustle can create opportunities for

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Interior Water Damage Prevention for New Homeowners

Interior Water Damage Prevention for New Homeowners Congratulations! Homeownership is a big step. While you’re getting used to your new responsibilities for home maintenance and upkeep, it’s important to get familiar with water damage risks to your home. When you know the potential risks, you can prevent damage in the first place. Water damage is messy, costly and can even

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Buying vs. Renting a House? Five Questions to Consider

Buying vs. Renting a House? Five Questions to Consider You’re thinking about moving from apartment life to a house, but you’re not sure you’re ready – financially or otherwise. How much yard do you want and how will you maintain it? How much living space do you need? What are the challenges of home ownership versus renting a home? What will the

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What to Know About Hail, Roof Damage and Common Scams

A hailstorm just blew in through your neighborhood. Suddenly, there are people at your door telling you they can repair your home’s damage quickly and easily. What would you do? While some hail damage may be obvious, you can’t always trust that someone showing up to your door has your best interests in mind. The size and density of a

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