15 Signs It Might Be Time to Have an Insurance Agent

15 Signs It Might Be Time to Have an Insurance Agent Your first insurance experience may start with a simple policy or two — car insurance, renters insurance and not much else. But as life picks up, a new job, home, relationship and children may give you more than your initial policies can handle. You can buy insurance directly from some companies online.

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How to Add a Teen’s Car to Your Insurance

You’ve been playing taxi driver for your high schooler for a few years, and now that she’s gotten her driver’s license, she’s borrowing your car, leaving you stranded. Maybe it’s time to consider getting her a car of her own, but what impact will that have on your car insurance? It’s a daunting prospect, especially since the average annual cost

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The Best Reasons To Buy Life Insurance

Life insurance agents at KVIS & Coe have come up with three of the best reasons to buy life insurance. Check them out and decide if they fit your life and your family's needs. No Worries About Funeral Expenses Funeral expenses are one of the first things families have to tackle financially. And all funerals are expensive. Final Expense Insurance
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Life Insurance Awareness Month Begins With Hurricane Dorian

We knew about Hurricane Dorian before it was a hurricane, yet many of us haven't thought about the dangers of inadequate coverage, and that includes life insurance. September is Life Insurance Awareness Month and we roll into it with a category 5 hurricane to remind us all of how important it is to be prepared. According to the The National
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NJ Homeowners Lacking Flood Insurance At Increasing Risk

NJ homeowners without flood insurance should be aware that New Jersey is currently one of the top states at risk for incurring damage from flooding. Not only are properties vulnerable to natural disasters such as hurricanes and storm surges, but homes are susceptible to impact from a variety of unforeseeable issues that cause water damage. Without flood insurance, NJ homeowners
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